Why Dream Axiom?

Why "Dream Axiom"?

At an early age, Dream Axiom's founder was immersed in a spiritual household. His parents exposed him to the belief systems of many cultures as they traveled the globe. He learned valuable lessons from Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism, Islam, Rastafari, and Zoroastrianism. However, it was the belief system of the Australian Aborigines that struck a chord with him.
Their concept of "dream time" (also known as "Altjeringa") had a profound impact on his worldview. One of the most misunderstood aspects of their beliefs, dream time refers to the realm outside of time and space: the origin of time and space itself. He believed this was axiomatic of nature itself.
The concept of the domain from which all things, times, and places originate was something he wanted to capture as the impetus for forming this company. The combination of "dream" and "axiom" reflects the timelessness and self-evident truth of creativity itself, something we at Dream Axiom wish to nurture, incubate, and perpetuate.