Our Projects

Our Projects

Dream Axiom seeks to foster creativity through traditional commercial avenues as well as independent, online, and non-commercial channels. We are proponents of the Open Source movement and as such our media offerings reflect that. Some of our employees are even clients!

-DA Lit
The written word is one of the oldest forms of media. A true classic, it is not going away any time soon! Our authors take chances and tell bold stories unflinchingly!

-DA Sound
Music and spoken word have been recorded for over a century. Music has long been called the universal language, and people speaking their minds is a tradition that outdates history itself. We celebrate that with our up-and-coming artists.

-DA Cinema
On the heels of recorded sound, came recorded motion. Films and videos have had some of the most profound impact on the world's culture since their inception, and we aim to help the newest and brightest among those who would shape the future of moving pictures.

-DA Rec
Once considered the realm of child's play, games of all sorts are accepted as not only fun for adults, but alternate forms of storytelling. As online games have flourished over the last two decades, the potential for connecting people and giving them more unique and intriguing ways to interact with each other has done nothing but grow. Our gaming division is here to take hold of that future and make it a reality!